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Do you feel like you got to the bottom of the energy bag? Have you exhausted all your resources and suffer fatigue and stress? You do not always have time to leave everything to sit down, fall asleep and recharge? The job must be over. The deadlines are approaching. Children are waiting for you to dress, feed and love them.

When you find yourself in these situations, it makes it harder for you to do the things you really can do. We all have better days and worse days, but often bad days are gathering and you do not know what to do to be good. We shall share some small things that you can do to help you to get over those moments.

Give yourself permission to do less.

Analyze well the chores you have to do and bring it back to your priorities with an attitude that combines both logic and sincerity. After a brief reflective break, you may find that many things on your list on that day can be postponed, leaving time for things that are really important and closer to your needs and those around you.

Hydrate yourself.

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Thirst is easy to ignore, especially when you have a lot of other things to do. But water is vital to the health of the body and the mind, so try every time you drink a cup of tea or coffee to also drink a glass of water. Tea and coffee are liquid, but they are not necessarily moisturizing. Water enlivens you even from your first sip! You can add a number of essences to your glass, such as lemon, cucumber, cinnamon sticks and even lavender, for guaranteed relaxation.

Book your moments of escape from the kitchen.

It is certainly very important for your health to be present in the preparation of food, but that does not mean to never go out of the kitchen. A meal in town gets rid of the stress of preparation and cleanliness, and can become a source of pleasure if you share it with loved ones. If you still love the kitchen and is a protective space for you, experiment and discover ways to make your food as simple as possible, to enjoy relaxed meals.

Put the phone further and try to reduce the time spent on social networks.

A „disconnect”, as short as possible, offers the mind a welcome respite. Although THE social networks give the impression of escaping, they often only eat your precious free time. Embrace something or someone Whether it’s your dear, cat, dog, or favorite pillow, hugs. It’s a proven fact that hugs have an important role in achieving happiness and body. The longer the embrace, the better.

Spend some time outside.

Take a few steps. Enjoy the sun. And even if it’s cold or raining, a mouth of fresh air never broke anybody!


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