TIPS for men! How can you improve your appearance


Alright guys, sit down, we need to have a talk. You haven’t been on a date in a while and you’ve been trying to figure out why. You might have a great personality and be in good shape, but there’s something missing. The one thing (besides possible social anxiety) that is holding you back could be your look.

Now when we say ‘look’ we don’t mean how tall you are or how much you weigh, but how you present yourself in public. If you want to wear Crocs with knee high socks and a bolo tie, then more power to you, but it’s not likely going to lead to many dates. If you want to know how to present yourself in a way that will get women to notice you, then we can help you out with that.

It isn’t as hard as you might think. There aren’t many massive changes you have to make at this very moment and it should only take up a few minutes of your busy time each week. You also don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and try to look like James Bond at every occasion, you just need to look sharper. So how can you enhance your image simply and go from geek to chic in a day? Here are some tips on how you can easily look better by this afternoon.

Give Up On The Beard If You Can’t Grow One

Shaving every single day really does suck. If you can grow a beard that looks good, then women will absolutely love it. If it comes in patchy or uneven, then it’s time to call it a loss and shave it off, sorry. We all wish we could grow a big glorious beard, but not all of us have the genetics for it.

On the bright side, not being able to grow a beard probably means that you have less body hair, too. That means you probably have to shave less then most guys do, and that’s a bit of a win. Until then, just shave the peach fuzz you have going on until science comes up with a pill that makes every man grow a perfect beard.

Wear A Henley Instead Of A Plain White Shirt

Plain white shirts look a little bit trashy. I would be willing to bet that there is not a single episode of COPS where one of the perpetrators isn’t wearing a white shirt. If you are looking for a good undershirt that can also be worn on its own, then the henley is the best way to roll. What is a henley shirt, you ask?

For the most part, Henley shirts usually come in gray or white, with either long sleeves or ¾ sleeves, and have three buttons on the front. It may look like a pajama shirt if you’ve never seen one before but they are most certainly ‘in’ right now. They also aren’t expensive, so pick one up and get rid of the Hanes undershirt.

Suck It Up And Wear Skinny Jeans

There is a big difference between skinny jeans and girl pants. Girls pants are what the emo kids wore when we were in high school, remember? Don’t wear those. You’ll want to make sure your jeans are more form fitting, showing off those legs, especially if you’ve been hitting the gym or running marathons.

Pants that are too baggy around the thighs are a bit of a turn off. They just don’t look good, even if your pants fit fine around the waist. If the spare room in your jeans causes them to flap in the wind, then they are way too loose and you need a slimmer fit.

Keep Your Nails Clean And Trimmed

You don’t have to be a regular down at the Korean nail salon in your town, but you should always keep your nails looking good. Clipping them regularly and getting the grime out is very attractive to most women. Some women prefer the greasy fingernails, but that’s only if you’re working with cars (and are good looking in general, never forget that part).

It really isn’t that hard to do, guys. It also only takes about five minutes each week. Don’t spend $100 on a manicure, just buy a $1 set of clippers and a nail file to get the gunk out. You save $99 and you still get to look attractive, and that’s what we’re here for!

Use Actual Deodorant, Not A Spray Can

Don’t listen to what the body spray deodorant commercials tell you, women aren’t going to be crawling all over you because you wear Axe. Instead, wear a regular stick deodorant like the Old Spice brands. Not the kind of Old Spice that your grandpa uses, though. That stuff just makes you smell like a grandpa.

Also, skip the ladies deodorant, no matter the cost— people have noses that can tell the difference. You don’t have to smell like you live your life in a deodorant commercial, but don’t skimp on the good stuff. The main point is, no spray cans!

Don’t Wear White Socks

Do you know what white socks go good with? Nothing, unless you’re playing a sport and that’s part of your team’s colors. Other than that, white socks are never a good idea (unless they are the no-show socks, then you’re OK). When girls see white socks above the ankle they automatically think geek.

Who would have thought that your socks could be such an issue? Trust me, though, it counts for something. Also avoid wearing sandals if you are going to wear socks, nobody under the age of 40 does this on purpose, hopefully.

Don’t Wear Tennis Shoes Unless Playing Tennis

Just like the white socks, tennis shoes should be avoided outside of athletic competition. There is athletic wear and casual wear, and the two should not be mixed. You wouldn’t wear track pants with loafers, would you?

Shoes complete your look and tennis shoes just show that you stopped making an effort after coming so close to completing a nice outfit. It’s fine to change into tennis shoes if you have a long walk ahead of you, but keep the nice shoes on hand for when you arrive at your destination. Unless you think there is going to be a good looking girl on the way, then you may have to chance it and wear the nice shoes.

Keep Your Eyebrows Neat

Unless your name is Anthony Davis, women don’t want a guy with a unibrow. You also have to remember he is over 7 feet tall and plays in the NBA— so he’s a multi-millionaire and thus can get away with it. Until you make that kind of money, ditch the unibrow.

Even after avoiding the dreaded unibrow, you will want to keep your separate eyebrows looking good. Stray hairs all over the place or a caterpillar above each eye is also a bit of a turnoff. Don’t shave them off and get permanent eyebrows tattooed, but pay attention to what’s going on up there.

Mustaches Stay Above The Lip

You may not be able to grow a beard, but you might have a shot at growing a decent mustache. If you can, then it has to look very proper. Your mustache must always be even on both sides, and it shouldn’t curl past the corners of your upper lip. Otherwise, you may as well just grow a goatee at that point.

If you can grow a handlebar mustache like a hipster or a turn of the century weightlifter, then some women might be into that. However that crowd is very specific, so you should have a more broad appeal. High and tight mustaches only, think Ron Swanson style.

No Neck Beards

The term neckbeard has been used to describe the group of people that tend to not have the slightest clue about fashion, and play video games in their parents basement all day. This isn’t the case for everyone that has a hairy neck, but it automatically gives off a bad vibe.

There is literally nothing good that comes out of having a neck beard. Going back to the unibrow theory, Andrew Luck is allowed to have one because he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Again, until you can throw for over 4,000 yards in an NFL season, shave the hair off of your neck.

No Long Shirts

You don’t want to wear a shirt that reveals your midriff like a tube top, but you will also want to avoid wearing a shirt that goes past your butt. Even if you have a shirt that’s ridiculously long and tuck it in, it’s still going to look bad since it will bunch up everywhere. This can give a weird, spare tire appearance below your belt.

Shirts that get tucked in should be sitting about two inches below your belt line, and shirts that go untucked should only be at belt level or an inch below. Anything longer than this just doesn’t look right, unless you are wearing a pajama shirt. Sleep in whatever you want, by the way.

Rolled Up Long Sleeves Are Better Than Short Sleeves

When people see short sleeves on a button up shirt, their first thought is IT geek. Look at “The Office” for example. Jim was the cool guy who always dressed well, and Dwight was the geeky weird guy. Did you notice what they were always wearing?

That’s right, Dwight had the baggy, short sleeves while Jim had the rolled up, tight, long sleeves. It not only looks professional, but it can drive women wild. You get to show off your casual side, and the guns you’ve been working to sculpt. Also, it’s more comfortable in warmer weather or indoors, and just plain looks better.

Smell Good At All Times

Nothing will make someone run away faster from you than smelling bad. Alright, brandishing a weapon might make them run faster, but nobody wants to be around you either way. Shower every day (twice a day if needed or if you work out), brush your teeth, and wear that deodorant we were talking about.

People are magnetized to those that smell good, so if you have the right combination of deodorant and body wash going on (maybe even a little spritz of the right cologne) than you will look better by default. You could be wearing nothing but a bathing suit and be more attractive than the guy wearing a business suit— if you smell better.

Maintain Good Posture

Slouching all the time will not only give you an unattractive hunchback, but it will also make you appear lazy. It even makes you look shorter since you’re bent over all the time. Now is when you knock it off and stand/sit up straight.

You don’t have to sit up like you’re trying to get a good view of what’s happening on the other side of the building, but straighten your spine. It also gives you more of a presence when you’re walking. Your clothes will even wear better since you won’t have the creases in your shirt from slouching.

Moisturize Your Skin

Have you ever been around someone that has had really flaky skin or dandruff? Maybe you are that person! Either way, people don’t like getting dead skin from someone else on their hands (or anywhere for that matter). There is a solution to this, even though you may think it sounds a little girly.

Try moisturizing your skin a couple of times each week. You can use a lotion, or even go all out and use a skin peeling mask. This will help to get all of the flakes and dead skin away from areas where it’s the worst. Switching to a dandruff shampoo will also help, and the ones they make now don’t smell nearly as bad as they did in the past. Follow all of these tips and you’ll be looking sharp and feeling sharp. That added confidence boost will rub off on people, making you even more attractive. There’s another bonus!


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