Seven qualities women love the most about a man


1. General Appearance

Here comes the physical features, of course, but it also matters the whole image a man can offer: elegance, clean air, the concern for what it looks like. More specifically, every woman appreciates some beautiful features and body, but equally important to her are perfect hygiene, assorted clothes, polished shoes, the right haircut, the sexy scent. Women want to be seen in the company of presentable men. Point.

2. The sense of humor

When it comes to conquering a woman, the sense of humor is one of the most effective „arms” of a man. A man with a sense of humor knows how to break the ice when he approaches a woman (without being stupid). He can naturally support a discussion, it is fun and, implicitly, interesting. Women know that having someone with whom frequently to laugh is a good thing not only for the moment of disposition (as an antidote for boredom) or for overcoming the more difficult moments, but also for health. Laugh is the best medicine.

3. Sensitivity

Sensitivity to a man does not mean to be excited if he sees a picture of some expensive kittens, but the willingness to respond to a woman’s emotional needs, to make her feel like they are both on the same wavelength. A man is supposed to be empathetic, to be able to listen (honestly), to provide her with psychological comfort when he goes through a heavier period. Every woman needs a man with whom she can really communicate, understands her, just like a close friend. In a couple the communication is vital.

4. Talent / Success

It does not matter that it is an artistic, technical, entrepreneurial, sporting or other talent. All that matters is that talent has the ability to differentiate its owner from the rest of the men and thus ensure his success. Here we touch an important topic: all women like the winners. It’s a thing that comes from the beginnings of mankind – moreover surely the women 100,000 years ago were attracted by the best tribe hunter. A successful man offers safety, protection, support, comfort on all levels, things that a woman instinctively looks for and appreciates.

5. Intelligence

Intelligence is important not only because it influences a person’s ability to achieve success (see point 4) but also because it ensures the premises of a successful conversation. Women are attracted to men who express themselves correctly, consistently and elegantly and who have the general culture to discuss (without paying tribute) about family, books, children’s education, trends in diverse areas, etc. All these qualities are the aptitude of an intelligent men.

6. Sex appeal

Mandatory, a man’s charm also has a sexual component. A specific smile, a suggestive look, a discreet touch – all in the right dosage – contribute to sexual attraction and are clear clues to a woman that the man in front of her is OK and knows when it’s time to be romantic and when to be passionate.

7. Sociability

If a man interacts easily and naturally with others, including those he sees for the first time, it’s okay – this is a guarantee for a woman that when presented to her friends or family members he will not put them on the run. No woman wants a man that will be retired in a corner at parties. The more popular, the better. His popularity will also be clearly reflected on her.

Finally, one thing must be said: all seven things listed above are summed up and have the highest quality result in a man – self-confidence! The self-esteem that a man exudes is incredibly sexy and attractive, and its lack can easily undo other strengths, such as intelligence or a beautiful face.

So, dear men, you must work on self-confidence. Be constantly cared for, dress with taste, display symbols of success (lead a car more shaky), nurture your attitude with every success, however small it is. And, very important, do a lot of sports! In addition to a good looking, endorphins secreted during physical exercise will give you an incredible sense of well-being, essential to self-confidence!


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