You may think that stress has become a permanent feature in your life. So present, that you treat it as such. You do not do anything to diminish it, instead, give off to all the unhealthy habits that it generates, without thinking about the double influence that stress so manages to have in your life.

Basically, your whole lifestyle is influenced by its presence. Sometimes you can give yourself vacations or physical exercise sessions in the open air, but these are just temporary solutions. Plunging into stressful situations can lead to depression, with an even greater impact on the health of the body.

Brain does not work efficiently

When you are stressed, hormones trigger a series of neurochemical connections in the brain that stimulate nerve endings and cause inflammation of blood vessels. These in turn cause headaches and even migraines. These can be avoided if you rest well enough during the night.

You have stomach problems

Anxiety and stress make your body produce more gastric acid, which causes stomach burns. These are extremely unpleasant and can cause stomach problems from the most diverse, from ulcer to stomach cancer. Moreover, stress causes you to have an extreme attitude: eat too much or too little, which produces other imbalances in the stomach and, implicitly, digestive.

You have insomnia

It is said that night is a good counselor, but when your thoughts occupy you all night, for several nights in a row, things get out of control and affect your general condition, including the immune system. Stress often intensifies in the fall of the evening, the fine part of the day when we have time to think more about everything we care about.

When anxiety is set, it becomes more and more difficult to control what is happening, and we do not rest as it should. Against the background of low immunity, the body is more prone to illness of any kind, so it’s essential to find ways to keep stress away during the night. Watch a movie, play with your pet, read a book, drink a soothing tea. All this can be of use to you.

Accumulate extra pounds

When the body perceives stress, it means you need physical energy to release it, so it releases adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones increase the feeling of hunger, to which people respond by consuming fats and carbohydrates. Sweets are seen as rewards, but as time passes, they affect your weight, especially in the absence of physical activity.


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