At one point, that moment of life comes when you have the impression that you have met the perfect person. It can happen to you in adolescence or at the age of full maturity. Whenever this happens, the emotions of the first encounter are always extremely high.

The more you plan carefully, the more difficult it seems to be as you want it to be. Whether the person in question is romantic, adventurous or pragmatic, there are a number of options that can make your first date an unforgettable one. Here are some of them:

Offer her a variety of options

Maybe you and your partner are busy, so it’s important to plan everything early. In this way, you will avoid the momentary pressure felt by your partner when you invite her to the city. Manifest the desire to meet your partner and choose the day together, depending on the availability of both, but letting her to choose the moment.

It’s not important just to have time to see you, but to have a good state of mind for socializing and knowing wach other. The breaks during the work time are just the last solution, because the pressure of time will be seen as well as the lack of emotional availability, no matter how much you want it to happen.

Avoid Classical Meetings

Usually, classical meetings, such as cinemas in the city or outing to a juice, can create additional pressure for shy people, for whom it is more difficult to maintain visual contact for long periods of time, or to have a discussion about more or less known topics.

You do not want this, especially if you know enough and there is the risk of long breaks in conversation. If you already know you have a common passion, you can propose an active meeting. An hour at the tennis court, followed by a juice, cycling. Movie or theater can be ideal for a first date, especially because it involves a small initial interaction and offers a relaxed start conversation, based on experience shared together.

Take decisions at the right time

If the initial plan does not work, it would be preferable to have a second plan. If you prefer to let your partner to decide, but she is undecided, it’s important not to spend too much time on the street in the desire not to be deprived of good manners. Take a decision as quickly and clearly as possible.

It is important to do this movement because it will be appreciated. Women appreciate men who know what they want and can decide for themselves, not to mention the fact that it is important to spend quality time together. Do not waste it.

Adopt a relaxed attitude

Maybe this is not the easiest thing to do, but a first date is just that: a first date. If you like each other, it will be hard to make a first impression so bad that she will not want to see you again. So be relaxed and enjoy her presence.

Emotions are mostly transmitted through non-verbal language. Stress can shake even the most confident person. You do not have to act like anything but you, because you cannot maintain long-term appearances. Each of us has a unique way of being, so do not miss the chance to impress her with what you are.


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