Five things you must not do for your partner!


Well, find out that happiness in a couple does not mean sacrifice, renunciation of femininity, or the assumption of another’s life, but equilibrium, devotion, trust and mutual help. That being said, learn from the next lines what are the five things you should not do for the loved man.

1. Do not try to solve all his problems

Even if the loved man has some financial or job problems that does not mean you have to take care of his own troubles and always look for a solution. By acting too protectively towards your partner, you will end up living by an undecided and helpless man who is afraid to take responsibility for his future. Remember constantly that you are a woman, not a burden horse.

2. Do not constantly make expensive gifts

Try to estimate the value of gifts received from your lover and do not exceed your budget whenever you prepare a surprise. By offering expensive gifts to a man, especially if he does not have the same financial power, you can make him feel stupid and discouraged that he can not turn your favor. Moreover, if you had the misfortune to end up  with a man who lacked scupule, he can use your feelings to get what he wants.

3. Do not allow them to always cry on your shoulder

Unlike women, men do not fall in love with women that pity them. So, constant emotional and spiritual support does not strengthen the connection between you and him. A wise woman sustains the man and makes him aspire more and more personally and in his career.That is indeed the secret of a happy and stable relationship.

4. Do not use the phrase „I told you”

Even if you are 100% correct, do not use the phrase „I told you” in your dialogue with your partner because you only show that you are smarter than him, totally lacking diplomacy. Every man wants to feel important, and by affirming your dominance you are less likely to build a harmonious relationship with him.

5. Do not give up your personal life and career

Just because you met the man of your dreams, does not mean that you have to give up your friends and career. By sacrificing your personal pleasures, to take care of your home and family, you can also sacrifice the man’s interest towards you. He is in love with the independent and active woman from you.


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