Five little things that make you attractive


Even though we do not talk about it frequently, we certainly all like the others to consider us attractive. It is a necessity that people have and which significantly influences the level of self-esteem.

Attractiveness means more than pleasant physical features or an enviable body. There are people who attract everyone’s attention because of their way of being. Usually they manage to act or behave in certain situations as we all want, but we are not always ready to do it.

Attractiveness generates admiration, strong feelings and the desire of others to have us near. How can we become more attractive in the eyes of others? Here are some tips that can be of use to you:

Surprise the others

Two things impress people deeply: other people who know how to keep a secret and those who can keep their enthusiasm when they want to make a surprise and manage to keep the secret until the right time. A nice gesture when someone expects less, a phone when you know someone needs it, keeping the distance when you feel it’s more appropriate to be discreet, all these are minor gestures, but they can make a difference when it comes to admiration and increasing attractiveness.

Needless to say, attractiveness does not exist in the absence of naturalness. Any gesture that seems to be forceful or tortuous for someone who wants to gain the attention of others is in vain and may even have the opposite effect.

Find the courage to say „No”

Today people are increasingly afraid to deny others through categorical answers. This happens because social relationships have become more and more complicated and because people need the support and the confirmation of others in order to have a life as they please.

A strong NO when the situation is not suitable for you, it is definitely preferable to a bland language which induce to the other the idea of ​​denial. When you say things by name, avoid any misunderstanding and, at the same time, give the impression of a strong man by assuming what you say.

Accept the superiority of others

An attractive person is not a person who knows everything about anything. On the contrary, in general, people who seem to know how things work in a certain way and who systematically ignore the opinions of others will always be seen in a bad light. People feel comfortable with those who give the impression that they know what they are doing and have a considerable luggage of knowledge, but they especially appreciate those who manage to find something to learn from any other person, regardless of their training or human quality. Be open to the opinions of others and accept when you are mistaken. The others will appreciate you for that.

Keep Your Calm

Calm people inspire a lot of self-control in the eyes of others, especially in situations where they are verbally assaulted or put in a bad light. Whether or not you hold the truth, give up to impulsiveness. Be rational and self-mastery, so you will be able to gain the sympathy of others.

Learn to say „Thanks!”

It may seem like a banal gesture, but more and more people forget to say „Thank you! A simple „Thank you” can make a more beautiful day to a person and, for you, can open locked doors when it is accompanied by a positive attitude and a sincere smile.


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