Five habits that might destroy your marriage


You chose your partner with a lot of tact, you were careful about the details, you trusted in him and admired him. Then, you decided it was time to start a family. It often happens that the first years of relationship are full of love, understanding and beautiful moments. But now you look  back with nostalgia.

Find out what mistakes you may unintentionally do in a marriage, but which can move away your partner.

1. You don’t take care of yourself

It may sound superficial, but the way you treat yourself it often reflects the attitude and respect that you have towards your partner and the relationship you are in. If you prefer to keep an unhealthy look, your partner may think you are not willing or interested to look good for him, which might remove him. This is especially true to the man who strives to keep fit and keep the image that he represents.

2. You don’t express your feelings

When you got married, you swore love for the entire life, you promised to take care of each other. But this does not always work. It often happens, even in happy relationships, that one of the partners has capping moments in which he forgets about why he fell in love. He no longer appreciate the qualities of his partner. So, to keep the flame of  love, I advise you to constantly express your love and appreciation towards your partner and surprise him whenever you have the opportunity.

3. You keep painful memories

Relationships are not always easy and even the soulmates encounter tense periods, full of conflicts or different points of view. But as long as you choose your love partner and set up common goals from the beginning, you can overcome the obstacles together. Remember that a solid marriage is based on trust, acceptance, communication, and forgiveness, and when you decide to overcome an obstacle, you will have to remove all your painful memories from your soul and to resist resentment.

4. You are overly critical

Each person has his / her own unique standards and ideals in life. So, occasionally you need to make small compromises to prove your life partner that you let him in your life without wanting to change him. Also, for a solid marriage, it is very important to offer to your partner the comfort and freedom he needs in a relationship. You must inhibit the tendency to criticize him excessively.

5. You do not understand the expectations of your partner

Communication is essential in a solid marriage. In its absence it may appear many misunderstandings and even break-outs. Try to understand your partner and his expectations from life, encourage him / her if he / she aspires to a solid career and don’t criticize him / her if he / she prefers to dedicate himself / herself to the family and the house. Understanding the needs and aspirations of your partner is essential when you want to form a family.


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