The method is ingenious and involves the use of a very thin tube which at one end has attached a special balloon, compressed and packed to the size of a pill. This tube is inserted into your stomach, just like an endoscopy. Then trought it pours a physiological serum so that the balloon swells (its position is permanently monitored by ultrasounds). After which the tube is detached and pulled back.

You now have a balloon full of physiological serum in the stomach that takes up space and gives the feeling of satiety, thus significantly reducing your appetite. You no longer feel the need to eat as usual. In fact you cannot even eat as usual, because you will saturate it much faster and any extra bloating gets tormented.

The procedure has clear advantages over the classic surgery which reduce the stomach. In the latter, general anesthesia occurs, which, especially in the case of obese people, presents increased risks.

With this procedure there is no risk – you just have a smaller stomach, but not for a long time, just only for a period of 16 weeks, as long as treatment usually takes (after which the balloon is extracted from the stomach (Also without surgery).

But the effect remains: in 16 weeks you lose 15 kg lightly. Yes, you are now lighter with 15 KG. But to maintain this weight you need to continue your new food habits and eat less. The risks involved in this treatment against weight, gain are that the balloon breaks down in the stomach but without any danger of producing any side effects in the body.

The first hint appears fairly quickly when the urine is colored green, because the methyl blue is introduced into the serum, an antiseptic substance which has the role of a indicator.

In the first days, after the balloon implant, nausea may occur, a normal reaction of the body to a foreign element. The balloon is removed from the stomach in the same way as it was inserted. First, the serum is aspirated with a needle through the endoscope canal. The balloon is completely deflated and removed with a special pen through the endoscope.

The duration of the procedure is: 25 minutes when the balloon is introduced and 15 minutes for its extraction. Discharge from hospital can be done after a few hours or the next day.

Then, as we said, you have to keep the newly formed food habits, doubled by a physical exercise program, otherwise there is a risk that, after extracting the balloon, you will get back to your initial weight.


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