7 things men love the most about a woman


 1. How you look

Be elegant and neat. Dress with taste and feel good in your skin. You do not have to stand out with fancy dress articles, but with a fancy attitude of your outfit and taste. And, of course, do not forget a discreet high quality parfume. Men are mad about that.

2. Eager attitude

A joyful woman, who laughs a lot, but does not seem to force her when doing that, enjoys a major asset. The lough is sexy and is also a sign of openness, encouraging interaction with men around. Plus, that brilliance in the eye of a joyful woman is simply irresistible.

3. Small seductive gestures

Men love gestures that seem like flirting. Do you raise your eyebrows and smile broadly when you salute with an „interesting” colleague? Do you crawl your lips and look up when looking for the answer to a question that you have asked? Do you twist your hair on your fingers or play with a pencil while looking directly at it? There are just some of the weapons in your seduction arsenal. Exercise these gestures in front of the mirror. Maybe you will look a bit ridiculous at first, but remember that these gestures give guaranteed results. In just a few seconds!

4. A little skin attention, a little bit!

You can easily fall into vulgarity with a very bold outfit, plus you will seem too eager to attract attention. Be subtle. A pretty short shirt that ends a little over the jeans or a neckline that reveals something, provide the viewer, that is very close to you, things that instantly trigger men’s curiosity, precisely because of their potential to look more than they appear .

5. A Sexy Voice

The good part here is that you do not have to put up who knows what effort to talk sexy. It’s enough to lower your tone and volume so that you get the impression that you want to whisper something. Inspire such a mysterious air, as if you are going to say something very intimate and strictly intended for the listener. You cannot screw up with that.

6. Helpless Air

Ask a man for a job, no matter how small, but which involves a little muscle, and he’s like a bow, eager to show his strength. You will rekindle an instinct that comes from prehistory to protect a woman. And do not forget to thank him by lowering your voice tone (see point 5) and displaying a suggestive smile at the same time. He will be a sure victim!

7. Flirt

Flirting is very nice (recognize it!), only that, it must be encouraged. It is illogical to expect a man to overwhelm you with signals of his interest towards you – smiles, poignant comments, delicate touches of your arm – and you to not respond with similar signals. If you just want to receive, without giving anything in return, flirting will end in practice before you start. Then, do not discourage the flirting! Men are automatically attracted to women who play the game of seduction.


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